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no feedback after recording

Every so often the program refuses to respond after I record a phrase. It allows me to turn off the mic without losing my place in the lesson, but if I then try to turn the mic back on I have to restart the lesson. I often forget and go a few lessons without recording. Is anyone else have this issue?

August 4, 2013



Same here. In addition, there have been times when I accidentally hit the button to stop recording before I got halfway through the statement & was told it was correct


yes, I've also accidentally submitted before completing the phrase and been told I was correct. It would be good to know if the voice recognition is saying we are correct to that point, or if the voice recognition is merely a myth


I've been seeing this problem pretty consistently. Turning off my Chrome ad-blocker helped with some of the other issues I was seeing with the voice recognition, but the problem hasn't gone away. It's a super bummer during the timed practice, too-- it's a guaranteed game ender if the voice locks up.

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