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  5. "The girl cooks food on TV."

"The girl cooks food on TV."

Translation:Pigen laver mad på tv.

January 27, 2015



Why is "Pigen laver mad på fjernsyn" not correct? When i remember correctly, fjernsyn was said to be the translation of television.


It is now fixed ☺


I wrote "fjernsynet" and it was accepted, so maybe it is because in Danish they'd say it's on "the" TV?


Should be "i fjernsyn"


I think the use of TV (TV) and fjernsyn (television) is much like the use of fly (plane) and flyvemaskine (airplane). The idea you communicate is basically the same with either choice, but in the given sentence, using TV provides a closer translation of the given sentence.


i did the same mistake. my guess is that fjersyn is the device and tv is the programs such as here a cooking show


Why no apostrophe in tv'et? In another question, it was suggested on the word.


I took koger insteadt of laver and it wasn't accepted?? Is it wrong to say koge mad ?


The previous one was about father "i" television, now i do that and it wants 'på' tv. No apparent difference. Unless the damn tv gets so hot you can cook food on it.

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