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Empty activity stream

So...could this be a temporary bug??


January 27, 2015



I'm experiencing this too. And others of my friends are.


I am too. Probably a bug.


Thanks...let's wait for a fix...


I experience this from time to time. Thankfully it resolves quickly ... Well from my own experience that is (:


I've had it a few times too. I just refresh the page or come back a bit later and it seems to sort itself out.


It happened to me before, and it happened today (2017-04-10) again. I don't know why this feature is not stable.

One message said that "I am alone", but I do have several and some of them are active too.

The Android App has a "club" feature, but it does not appear on the laptop version. I recently created a club without other team members. Is this interfere with the activity on the web version?

ha.. after posting this one, the activity allows me to load more to view my friends' activities. Weird.... a bug wears business suits?

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Same for me, even I have some 80 friends here. I don't see even my own activity...

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