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  5. "Hun er en sand skønhed."

"Hun er en sand skønhed."

Translation:She is a true beauty.

January 28, 2015



"She is a real beauty" is just as correct


As an expression, I would agree. But from a language learning perspective they may want to see 'sand' translated as 'true'

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And there is a subtle difference


Real was accepted 2.07

I have a question for the German speakers... Can "sand" be translated to echt and, moreover, used instead of "virkelig?" when impressed about what has just been told?


Sand can be translated to echt

If you want to use it instead of "virkelig?" You would need to say "er det sandt?" You cannot just say "sand" that would just be sand (like sand on a beach)


I tried 'sandt skønhed', since it is an adverb. Kan en grammatik-forstående danskere fortælle mig hvorfor dwt er forkert? Det lød som om det blev udtalt med stød.


"Sand" is describing the noun "skøndhed" words describing nouns are adjectives not adverbs. You need to use "sand" because "skøndhed" is a -n word. Sandt is used to describe -t nouns and when used as an adverb

An example of sand used as an adverb is "Hun taler sandt" ( she speaks truly) here sandt describes a verb and therefore needs the t


Thank you! I wasn't thinking. I guess I got hung up on the adjective 'soon.

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