at verbs, past imperfect, lesson 2

"Translate this text to English Mon frère allait au château hier. "

and i translated "my brother went to a castle yesterday"

and duolingo said

"Oops, that’s wrong Correct solution: My father went to a castle yesterday."

what is this? since when frere means father?

November 20, 2012

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@vcraciun This has been fixed, now the sentence "Mon père allait à un château hier." is translated into "My father went to a castle yesterday." Thanks for your feedback!

the problem continues to repllicate more then once per lesson

I don't know for Duo's suggestion on this translation but the right one is : My brother went to THE castle yesterday" - "au" is the contraction of "à-le", so the translation must use the definite article THE = "le".

well if i use "to THE" i also get a WRONG, correcting me with the "to a"

So, you're right, there is definitely a problem: did you report by using the link within the correct solution case?

My brother WAS GOING to the castle yesterday. "est allé" would be went. Allait is the imperfect tense, and can usually be translated by WAS or WERE verbING. (she was singing, he was going, we were singing, they were going, etc)

Good, merci Rémy.

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