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  5. "I am going home now."

"I am going home now."

Translation:Jag går hem nu.

January 28, 2015


[deactivated user]

    When is hem to be used, as opposed to hemma?


    there is no link


    Herregud, varför 'nu går jag hem'? Betyder det "Now I go home", eller vad? Tack för förklaringen...


    Can't I say "Jag drar mig hem nu"? I tought that is the form to use, if you do not want to specify whether you "åker" (go by bus/train/...) or "gå" (walk)? (Or is the "mig" too much here?)


    It seems går is used often when åker should be used. Is there a rule as to when to use 'walk' when you really mean 'go'?


    Nu går jag hem - is this putting emphasis on the nu as in 'I am going home NOW'?

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