rolling Rs

any advice on how to learn this? i literally dont know how you guys do it, i just end up making V sounds or helicopter noises

January 28, 2015


Am I the only American who can do this naturally without having to try

I rolled my R's to make fun sounds when I was a kid because I was super annoying

I imagine the 37 million Americans who grew up speaking Spanish at home make a trilled R easily :)

This Canadian finds it difficult.

nah DogePamyuPamyu I'm Canadian and never learnt another language growing up but could always roll my rs neither of my parents or my brother can do it though

I just like put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth toward the front and blow really hard like idek

It's natural I guess

I can do it like the finnish though!!!!!!

I wrote about the Swedish r here:

The main point is that it usually isn't trilled at all, but rather a tap (or even weaker), like a Spanish single r or an American/Canadian/Australian tt in petty.

Thank you Blehg, appreiciate you reposting the link. So it seems i dont have to worry to much :) But hey, at least i'm halfway there if i ever decide to learn spanish aswell.

In most dialects it's a trilled R, not a guttural R. So it's like the Spanish or Italian R, not the French R. I've been having a hard time making a trilled R. The closest approximation I've found has been saying the English word trotting. The double tap of the tongue to behind the teeth is roughly equivalent.

There are a mess of videos on YouTube about making a trilled R.

[deactivated user]

    You'll just have to keep at it unfortunately. Keep in mind it can seem difficult because if you grew up only speaking English, it's not in ANY English word. But people who roll their Rs have the exact same tongue muscles as anyone else. I remember the Spanish sentence for practicing this: "Rapido ruedan los carros de azucar del ferrocarril." Or something like that. Keep trying and good luck!

    The most important is to learn how to roll (vibrate) the tip of your tongue. Once you learn it, you'll have no problems using "rolling r" in words. It is not that difficult actually. :)

    A simple way to try is to put the tip of your tongue on the hard palate, touch it lightly right behind your teeth and breathe out really fast. The faster you breathe out, the easier it gets. The air from your lungs will vibrate the tongue and you'll make the sound. You don't vibrate the tongue by muscles, so the tip of your tongue has to be relaxed.

    What does a rolling R mean to you?

    its kinda hard to write it down.. its kinda like rlrlrlrlrlrlrl i guess...

    One of the videos i watched about it suggested starting with the word three and rolling the r as your tongue moves from the front of the mouth for the "th" to the back for the "ee".. this i've found to be useul. i'll get there in the end :p

    To me, it's almost more of a quickly repeated D than an R. I've found's lessons great for working on the spoken part of the language.

    Thanks, i'll check that out once ive hit todays target on here

    ok thanks people some good advice there... Mark- that makes sense, it almost sounds like im rolling it when i say trotting, but i think im rolling the tr rather than the r. Dogepamyu - im not American, im English.. and why does English language have an American flag duolingo?! the clue is in the name! But thanks for the second comment, that was really helpful :) Jace- ty i will watch them over the course of the day when i get time. Jamie - again really helpful :) Danny - thanks for the encouragement

    ....Oh my goodness i just did it! it's all about the tongue position and letting the exhalation of breath do the work it seems... you guys are awesome i really thought i'd never get it, you've taught me in 10 minutes... now to practice ;)

    The Swedish r is a tap and almost sounds like "d" or "t."

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