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  5. "A week is not a month."

"A week is not a month."

Translation:En vecka är inte en månad.

January 28, 2015



When is inte before a word and when is it after


I'm not sure what you mean, please elaborate


Why is it not en vecka är inga månad? I thought inga was like kein in German or geen in Dutch? ö.e


"Inga" is for plural. You could say "En vecka är ingen månad". It should be accepted, although one could argue that it's not exactly the same.

English "not" and Swedish "inte" (like German "nicht") are negating adverbs. "Ingen" is a pronoun: a contraction of "inte" and "någon". ("inget" = "inte något", "inga" = "inte några")


Is this a Swedish expression that means that one has to do something as well as possible in a short amount of time? Or was the sentence just constructed as a learning tool?


When do I put in 'inte' in the sentence?


In normal sentence construction:

{Subject} {verb} {negation} {object}. "Jag hatar inte tomater."

If you put something else before the verb other than the subject, then the subject has to go directly after the verb, before the negation:

{Object} {verb} {subject} {negation} "Tomater hatar jag inte."

There are lots of complications, but that's the basic structure.


I have no accent options on my mobile phone app keypad. Any suggestions re how to add these to the english keypad?


Have you tried holding down on the letters? That should give more options.


You can tap the ⚙️ at the top of your keyboard, select languages, then Add Keyboard, choose the one you want from the list. You can switch between the two by holding down the space bar.


Sorry, this is random question... what is the difference between der,die,das and ein/eine in German language? I see somebody said it in Swedish section in another post so i am just wondering about it..

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