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  5. "Han drikker saften."

"Han drikker saften."

Translation:He is drinking the juice.

January 28, 2015



It was very difficult to hear the difference between 'saft' og 'saften'!


It is much like Drenths, which they do not pronounce the 'e'.


"Saft" refers either to beverages made from boiled berries (which I've never tasted or seen, but my grandmother has described it) or the juice that's inside a fruit or meat or something. Once it's put in a glass and turned into a beverage, we call it "juice", same as in English. It's called "appelsinjuice" and "æblejuice", not "appelsinsaft" and "æblesaft".

The closest we get to referring to a beverage as "saft" (apart from that boiled berries-thing) is "saftevand", in which concentrated juices from fruits are mixed with water.

If you were visiting someone in Denmark and they asked what you'd like to drink and you asked "Har du saft?" (Which basically means... "Do you have liquids from biological organisms?" lol), they'd most likely look at you weird and say "Mener du saftevand?" ("Do you mean fruit concentrate that you have to mix with water?" Couldn't find an English translation for "saftevand"). You reply "No no, uhm... appelsinsaft?", they'd go "Nååårh, du mener juice!" ("Oooh, you mean juice!")

I'm just saying.


Mange tak, Alex_Luka! You answered a question I left twice but don't remember where, lol. Both times I left an example. :)


in german saft is juice


To remember that juice is "saft", just think soft drink


Is the "t" in "saften" pronounced? I can't really hear it.


It is, just the bot says it a bit fast


I don't think it's, like, a "bot" bot


If I remember correctly, in Swedish "saft" is a general name for soft drinks. Is it different in Danish, meaning only "juice"?


Im Danish but we use the word juice. Couse 'saft' is the same like consentrat


In swedish and in danish saft means only juice :)


How do we say 'He is drinking the juice'?


Just the same. Danish doesn't have progressive tenses.


I wrote squash because saft and juice are not the same in Danish... Juice is juice in Danish


In the "making liquids out of fruit" department, juice and saft are pretty equivalent. Saft refers to a couple of more things, though.


I wrote squash because juice is juice in Danish..... Saft is more like squash or Ribena like drinks


Does drikker mean drink and also drinks?


Yes. We use the same form for both 1.st, 2nd. and 3rd person - singular or plural. "Jeg drikker." - I drink. (+ I am drinking.)
"Hun drikker." - She drinks. (+She is drinking.)
"Vi drikker." - We drink. (+ We are drinking.)

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