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Graphs graphs graphs...

Visual representation of data and practice over time is key. And can be awesome/inspiring/motivating to look at.

Perhaps we could make a list of useful graphs/ways of visualizing data that Duolingo might be able to make?

January 28, 2015



Great idea ldunn288! I'll start!

I first think of an incredible bar graph that would illustrate total amount of XP earned for each unit.

Number of XP points could go on the Y-Axis and units on the X-axis. This could show the amount of practice done for each unit over time--and may help make the connection between repeating lessons over and over and over and the resultant knowing of the material versus just doing a lesson once or a few times.

We could select which units we'd want to choose along with date ranges (weekly, monthly and all-time.)

We could make aggregate graphs of larger groups of people to show as well as just individuals.

Oh the possibilities.


Great idea ldunn288! I'll start!

Upvote for that alone :D


Woah, I want that just for regular duolingo too. That sounds like very cool data to have about my own language learning.


I'd love to start just by being able to sort the students on my dashboard by who has been active most recently, or perhaps the by their total XP. I'm going to factor consistent practice into their participation grades this quarter, and I need an easier way to look at the data.


It's unfortunate that the dates that events were done are not shown next to them on the dashboard. I bet that would be an easy fix. But probably you have noticed that the events are listed in chronological order; therefore, you can take screen shots when you need and have them as reference to compare to later. I have decided I will take a screen shot every Sunday at 6:00 pm, because shortly after that time my dashboard starts a new week on a clean slate.


It may be key to you, but not everyone. There are several learning styles and visualisation is just one of them.


The OP isn't talking about adding visualizations to the duolingo learning and practice sessions -- he's talking about adding visualization to the dashboard for easier tracking of progress over time. I don't know too many people who prefer looking at tables of raw data when they could be looking at pretty charts =).


Indeed, I wasn't talking about learning through visualization, but instead just capturing and portraying data in creative ways. Sorry for the lack of clarity and thanks for the feedback! It'll be great to get some discussion going on this forum.

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