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The use of articles

I'm very confused of how to use these articles : "lo" "gli" "le" "i". Pls help me

August 5, 2013


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Those are called determinate articles; in Italian they all originated from one form or another of the Latin ille. To choose the right form you have to look at gender and number of the word it refers to, and the first few letters of the word that follows:

  • Singular masculine: "lo" before s+consonant, z, gn, ps, pn, x, j, y, and as l' before vowels; "il" otherwise.
  • Plural masculine: "gli" before the same letters as above (including vowels); "i" otherwise.
  • Singular feminine: "la" before anything, but becomes l' before vowels.
  • Plural feminine: "le" before anything.

As for when to use them, the general rule is to use them when you are speaking of a specific object (like the English "the") or about the object in itself. The general rule however has many exceptions.


thank you very much :x that helps a lot ;)

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