"Det är en dyr, men nödvändig investering."

Translation:It is an expensive, but necessary investment.

January 28, 2015

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The English sounds a bit off, you need a comma after expensive too. "It is expensive, but a necessary investment" just sounds better to me.


I reckon "it is an expensive but necessary investment" is a more accurate translation, but then you'd want to nix all the commas.


Shouldn`t there be a comma after nödvändig, to close that phrase off?


No, that will not be needed. Actually the comma there could be left out too.


First time I translated this without reading and without thinking into "it's an animal but necessary investment". That raised the question is there a difference between how "djur" and "dyr" are pronounced?


For me the most important difference is that the d of djur is silent - I hear "juur"; I hear dyr as "dur".

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