"Det är en dyr, men nödvändig investering."

Translation:It is an expensive, but necessary investment.

January 28, 2015



The English sounds a bit off, you need a comma after expensive too. "It is expensive, but a necessary investment" just sounds better to me.

March 28, 2017


I reckon "it is an expensive but necessary investment" is a more accurate translation, but then you'd want to nix all the commas.

February 3, 2019


Shouldn`t there be a comma after nödvändig, to close that phrase off?

January 28, 2015


No, that will not be needed. Actually the comma there could be left out too.

January 28, 2015


First time I translated this without reading and without thinking into "it's an animal but necessary investment". That raised the question is there a difference between how "djur" and "dyr" are pronounced?

March 17, 2019
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