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"Is féidir leo an ghealach a fheiceáil."

Translation:They can see the moon.

January 28, 2015



How is this any different than "is féidir leo an ghealach"?


That translates to “They can the moon” (i.e. “can” the modal, not “can” as in “put into a can”).


I think /aroacegirls issue is related to the dictionary prompt where 'Is féidir leo' prompts 'They can see'; this should be 'they can'. /aroacegirls's query is correct given the incorrect dictionary prompt.


That makes sense. Sometimes it helps for the context behind a question to be made explicit when raising the question, since I hadn’t hovered over those words to read their dictionary hint, and thus didn’t take their incorrect content into account when replying.


How could I make a question out of this (or of any statement with is-copula, for that matter)?


an féidir leo an ghealach a fheiceáil?


Five years later and the same fault in the prompts is still causing problems. Is there no one to fix and adjust the hundreds of small but annoying problems?

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