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mobile interface suggestion

I can't tell you how many times I have failed a response on the mobile interface because of "fat fingers". I prematurely, accidentally touch the CHECK or the DONE buttons and poof, I've lost a heart. I wish there was a way the Owl would protect me from this mal-maneuver. For example, if the word count between the translated and untranslated sentences are not close, the Owl could present a dialog that says "Are you ready to submit your response?".

August 5, 2013



Thanks for this suggestion! Bringing it back to the rest of the team.


The pop up keyboard is also a real issue, you should have it up all the time and/or move the submit button above the top or to the side ( so it only shows in an area of the screen that is never used for typing/audio ). Being in between has cause me to hit it accidentally in the lag between pop-down and pop-up, especially when attempting to edit using the magnifying glass.

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