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  5. "Aonde esse ônibus vai?"

"Aonde esse ônibus vai?"

Translation:Where does that bus go?

August 5, 2013



Another new word for me. Here in Portugal a bus is an "autocarro"


"To where is that bus going?" is perfectly good English, but The Owl has other ideas ...


According to a book I have, it should be "Por onde". Are both acceptable? Do they have the same meaning?


Aonde = where is the bus going? (What is it destination?) / por onde = which ways will the bus go by?


That... makes sense! Thanks. In this sentence, then, either should be accepted.


It's getting a bit annoying how inconsistent they are sometimes with the correct translation of 'esse'.. Shouldn't it be both 'this' and 'that'? It has been so far I think.


Obrigado paulenrique! I'm actually fine with the different meanings of the pronouns as so far they seem identical to the Spanish 'este/ese/aquél', etc. - it's the inconsistency in Duolingo's translations that is sometimes frustrating. I don't see any reason why in this sentence only 'this' should be accepted but 'that' is wrong. If they just accepted both 'this' and 'that' for 'ese' throughout all levels I think they'd save themselves a lot of bother..


I agree... i got really stressed because of that!!


Why introduce new words as revision. It's confusing

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