"She knows what she did."

Translation:Lei sa cos'ha fatto.

August 5, 2013



any idea why "Lei sa che ha fatto" is wrong for this translation?

August 5, 2013


I have the same question. I remember "che cosa" as "what thing" (literally, although "what" is usually a better translation). I thought "cosa" was "thing" and "che" was "what" (like "chi" is "who"). Therefore, it seems that "che" ought to be used in this sentence, rather that "cosa". What are we missing, or am I just being too, hmmm..., logical? On the other hand, it appears "cosa" seems to be a frequent "shorthand" for "che cosa." Is that what's going on here?

June 27, 2014


Same question! Thank you in advance!

July 9, 2014


It looks like "she knows that she did."

August 5, 2013


Does anyone know when to use the -A ending and the -O ending on these? I haven't seen the pattern yet...

April 27, 2014


I thought it was an -a when the subject was feminine, but obviously not!

June 24, 2014


Why is "lei sa che cosa ha fatto" wrong?!

May 7, 2014


Maybe because that would be "She knows that what she did" - there would be two conjunctions to introduce the clause.

June 26, 2014
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