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"Vi bokar vårt rum snart som möjligt."

Translation:We book our room as soon as possible.

January 28, 2015



Do you say SSSM instead of ASAP?


SSSM sounds like a porn category.


Haha i was just thinking that


What's the difference between "så" and "som?" Why can't you say "... rum så snart så möjligt?"


The pair as…as in English is simply så…som in Swedish. You use one word twice, we use two words.

Edit: You can compare så länge som to English so long as which also uses two different words. Only that we use this so…as for all similar constructions.


Wow, thanks! That's easy enough. Just something you have to keep remembering as time goes on, and it just catches. :)


It’s the same with the…the as in the greener, the better for example. In English you have one word twice, but we use ju…desto as in ju grönare, desto bättre.


I love it! Just the same as in German. Je grüner desto besser.


You are giving such wonderful tips! Thank you very much, Lundgren8! :D


That’s what I’m here for. :)


Could "We book our room as quickly as possible" also be a valid translation even though it has a slightly different meaning than "We book our room as soon as possible"


I think not. If it were "quickly", i'd want to translate it to "snabbt" instead.


But as a native english speaker translating to english as this requires, as quickly as possible and as soon as possible are pretty much interchangeable.
They both mean you are going to do something as fast as is possible.
And I put as quickly as possible first and am here trying to find out why that translation isn't allowed.
I find a lot of these translate to English questions don't really factor in a lot of the native english translations native speakers will say to mean the same thing.
But I guess that is one of the pros and cons of English, a pro that it is flexible that you can say the same thing in multiple ways and a con that you cant put in every possible way to say it in here!


Can "så... Som..." Be used to create similes like "as....as..." Can in English?


Do Swedes pronounce the "r" with a trill?


Is that like the rolling r in Afrikaans?


Yes, like almost everyone except English, French, Hebrew, Danish and Portuguese. Although, there are dialects where R is uvular, like in French (unlike in English)


It's not really as universal as you think. You're technically correct that most Indo-European languages do in fact use voiced trills for 'r' (or ρ, or р for Hellenic and Cyrillic scripts respectively), but other languages may use 'r' to represent fricatives, approximants, taps, or flaps.

Also, for the record, some dialects of English (Scottish and Welsh), Hebrew (Sephardi), and Danish (some Jutlandic dialects) actually do use trills.

As far as Swedish, it depends on the dialect and the exact location of the 'r' in the word. Sometimes it's a trill, sometimes it's an approximant instead (which is also not exactly the same as an English 'r', which is a different type of approximant).


what about "as early as possible", why is it not accepted in this context?


as early as possible would be 'så tidigt som möjligt', there's a difference in meaning. ('As soon as possible' is as soon as possible from the moment of speech, but 'as early as possible' is as early as possible in relation to when you're intending to stay at the hotel.)


Is there any difference between "så snart som" and "så fort som"?


Yes, much the same as between 'as soon as' and 'as quickly as'. så fort som and så snabbt som however mean the same.


Arnauti, tack så mycket för din förklaring!


wouldn't 'vi bokar vårt rum...' be both 'we book our room...' and 'we are booking our room...'?


Yes, that's correct.


Can you not use the present continuous?


We do accept both "are booking" and "are reserving".

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