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Små eller lite?

Hej allihopa! I got a question, when do I have to use the forms of små and when those of lite? When do I know what to use? they have kinda the same meaning, I think? I don't really get their difference.... Tack för ert svar(?)!

January 28, 2015



Liten, litet and små are adjectives (little or small):
Hunden är liten.
Barnet är litet.
Hundarna/barnen är små.

Lite is an adverb (a little):
Jag är lite trött.


Just to clarify what Helen said: små is the irregular plural form of liten, which may not seem obvious at first. Especially not if you draw parallels to English ’small’.


Is små also the definite form of liten/litet? How about lille?


Små is the plural form:
De små husen.
Husen är små.

The definite forms of liten/litet is lilla:
Den lilla flickan.
Det lilla huset.

Lille (apart from being Danish) can be used as a definite form for males, but it is optional:
Den lille pojken.
Den lilla pojken.

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