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  5. "Ansvaret er mit og kun mit."

"Ansvaret er mit og kun mit."

Translation:The responsibility is mine and only mine.

January 28, 2015



Shouldn't "The responsibility is mine and mine alone" be accepted? It may not be a direct literal translation, but it is more likely to be said by English speakers.

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I feel like that'd be a different sentence. Ansvaret er mit og mit alene. But I could be mistaken.


It seems more like a sort of idiomatic expression to me. Though I, too, could be wrong. (That is to say it could be the same in both English and Danish, "Ansvaret er mit og mit alene" being the more common one in Danish as well.)

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The responsibility is mine and mine alone is accepted (24.aug.2019)


I used "just" instead of "only"... why is it incorrect?


Happened to me too. Just is suggested...

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