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"Preparation is not necessary."

Translation:Forberedelse er ikke nødvendigt.

January 28, 2015



Why is "nødvendig" in the neuter form here? "Forberedelse" is a common gender noun.


For "Forberedelse er ikke nødvendigt" does it make a difference if it is referring to some particular preparation? For example, if I were to ask you what I should study before coming to a talk you were giving next week, and you were to answer with this sentence -- would you use "nødvendig" because it is a more specific sort of preparation that we are talking about?


If you talk about a certain preparation, you'd do so with the definite form. So you have two choices here:

  • Forberedelse er ikke nødvendigt.
  • Forberedelsen er ikke nødvendig.

The general case is more common, I'd say, just like in English. And yes, that is still true in context of a specific task: "We'll have a short test tomorrow. Preparation is not necessary." - still general case


det er rigitigt at sige: forberedelse er ikke nødvendig.


...but Duo does not accept it. Grammatically the word "forberedelse" goes with "en", so why "nødvendigt"???


We are making a general statement with være here, and adjectives in this type of general statements are neutral, no matter the gender or number of the noun they describe.

  • Mælk er hvidt. - Milk is white.
  • Blåbær er blåt. - Blueberries are blue.
  • Frugt er sundt. - Fruit is healthy.


Understood, thank you very much.


"ikke nødvendigt" correct. "behøves ikke" wrong . I'm sure that you are right, but why?

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