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Timed Practice: Pause the timer after each question, please?

After I correctly or incorrectly answer a question, and the answer shows up, the timer continues ticking. I find this a little frustrating, as when I answer a question correctly I sometimes like to check what the optimal answer should be. This applies more to incorrectly answered questions, where I surely want to take my time and look at the correct answer. So would we please have the timer paused after each question is answered?

August 5, 2013



Pause OR automatically advance and provide a review at the end.


A review at the end would be great!


I second the review option. I get very frustrated the same way as the original poster, but pausing the time would take a lot of fun away from the whole thing!


Yes, I agree completely


I definitely agree with the review idea. In my mind, the timed practice option is specifically there to help shorten the time we take to remember foreign words until we reach a speed near that of a natural speaker. Saving the reviews until the end would help this enormously.


I agree with review at the end. On the last question before getting cut off, there is no way to review at all, just disappears when the timer ends. I think in general the timer is useful to keep you thinking fast!


OMG I was just about to ask exactly the same thing! Why time the part where you review your answer? This is counter produtive and prevents proper review of answers against model answers and for example, if I spot an error or have a question, I don't have time to look through or contribute to the discussion or add feedback.


Or they could show all the correct answers at the end for your review. I like having to think fast through the whole exercise.


Also a good idea. I'm also having a problem that if I do stop to report a problem of discuss during timed practice the whole thing crashes.


Very good suggestion. I think this would add a lot to the timed practice as well


What's the point of the timed quiz anyway? It doesn't make sense if you have to type a response. I feel like I'm taking a typing speed/accuracy test, not a language test. If I get 3 long sentences in a row I have to type, time will surely run out, which shortens the practice I need.


The timed practice has a lot of supporters and i am one of them. As long as it is optional of course... I don't think it matters that it is more of a typing contest, that's just to add spice to it. In the process, you'll still have to think fast about the language part of it, especially if the sentence is long and/or a bit difficult to translate. I love it, even hough I maybe beat the clock once in 10 or 20 attempts... Give it another try some time :-)


I would LOVE to see the time be proportionate to the length of the sentence. I liked it a lot when the material was shorter and simpler, but at this point, I find I can only get through perhaps two sentences before it times out. Which really makes it pointless, so I haven't been doing it.


A related problem that I have is that the timer is set for 30 seconds, and I have not found any way to change it. If it were possible to have, for example, a 5 minute session, I would be more likely to use the timed practice option.

At 30 seconds, it's a sprint to get in just a few sentences, whereas a longer session would allow one to "get into a groove" of translating quickly and accurately.


Couldn't agree more.


Personally, I hate using the timer. But even I must agree this is a wonderful idea for those of you who do use the timer.


I like the way it doesn't start the timer until the audio has played (useful for those of us with dodgy internet connections) but YES this would be wonderful.


Great idea :-)


If you pause the time after each incorrect answer, isn't that the same thing as a regular lesson? I do think you should have the option to review all of your wrong answers at the end of the timed exercise, though.

[deactivated user]

    No, it is not the same because the times always restarts after you ask for the next task. Regular lessons have no time press at all.


    I would like the review-at-the end option for the timed AND the untimed practice. I used to take time after untimed sentences to look at the other options, to read the comments, and to report bugs or possible translations - but after spending more time with the timed practice, my reflexes have taken over. I often realize, just after I've clicked to move on, that I wanted to take another look.


    Some of the sentences the timed practice provides are ridiculously long toward the end. I miss most of them because of typing error from hurrying.


    I cannot access the Timer when I want to answer a series of questions in the practice again -it goes straight to without timer

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