"Smärtan är hemsk!"

Translation:The pain is terrible!

January 28, 2015

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This must be cognate with the English colloquialism "that smarts!"


But what is the difference from ont?


Ond is actually an adjective. So, it doesn’t mean ’pain’ exactly, but it’s used in various constructions like göra ont ’hurt’.


Would ont be better translated as sore eller painful then if it is more an adjective? I presume not seeing as it has not been translated this way in the course so far!! But am still trying to work out the different uses here.


Ont is more like hurts. Smärta is more like pain. Their use is slightly different grammatically, but in pain intensity that's how it worka out.


Whether you say "göra ont" or "har ont", that sounds to me like ont is a noun.


It's not just a colloquial set phrase! Something can smart or be smarting, although you're more likely to see it written than spoken. he set off, still smarting from the blow, and tried to focus. You can also smart for a hurtful thing someone said. Generally it is used more for external sharp pain (like a slap) rather than internal aching.


What's the difference between ont and smartan?


Same question here!


Same. I know it was explained in other comments but it's not clear to me.


When something smarts, it's a quick sharp pain, like pricking your finger with a pin. If something hurts, it usually lasts longer. Of course, you could break your leg and say, "That smarts!" but you would just be trying to be a "smarts" ass!

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