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I want to translate by ear (and hide the text)

I want an option that automatically hides the text provided for translation. The phrase would then be communicated by audio and I would input the written translation. (This is because the text distracts my ability to translate by ear)

August 5, 2013



I would like the text hidden at first so I can practice hearing without the text. Then have a button that reveals the text. This is for exercises that offer both audio and text.


This is precisely what I'm looking for. If kristinemc could pass this along to Duolingo staff for review, that would be great!


I agree. I'd like to see an option to increase the difficulty level in several ways (and maybe earn more coins for it, as a bonus). No text, no peeking, or no slow audio would be a few good ways to increase the challenge. I posted the idea a while back, but didn't get much response...


Yes, agreed. I would find increasing the difficulty within each tree to be very beneficial.


I also tend to look away to listen without seeing the text in order to better test my listening comprehension, but i would prefer an option to click prior to the practice round that blocks the text altogether unless i want to check on an individual entry as i go because just having to glance to click or hit the speaker repeat, my lil' brain picks up on the visual text


Same here. I have problems watching movies with subtitles that match the audio, because I read what they're going to say before they say it.


My idea is slightly different but on the same kind of topic. Normally we have all four different skills in our lessons, but I thought it would be helpful if we were able to choose which skills we want to practice (e.g. like in Lumosity). You could prioritise which of the four you want to spend the most time on: Speaking, Writing, Reading, or Listening. All the exercises for each skill already exist, its just that you will be able to choose what you want to practise - what is the most important thing for you. E.g. I have a writing exam coming up and don't want to practice speak. or listen. skills - only write. and read.


This is a very good idea. I like it a lot and I think it would be easy to implement. Please upvote Ramzanni's comment if you like it!


hey, thanks! do you think maybe we should start a new discussion? Or will a comment here be seen by more people?


Yes, good idea. Will you post it?


Yes, I have posted it. The discussion is called "Prioritise language skills". Come by and upvote.


Hi gaving- within the lessons we do have challenges where you listen to a sentence and have to write what you hear. Are you interested in the option to have more of those types of listening challenges?


Hi kristinemc- no, I would like to listen to a sentence and type the translation.


I'll give an example, in Spanish.

In spanish it says "El Gato". You must type in english "The Cat".

There is speaker button that speaks "El Gato".
"El" and "Gato" are buttons that show their translations when pressed.

I want those button hidden. There is a "Reveal" button that will show the "El Gato" buttons when asked.

Example 2 is when "El Gato" is text and not translation buttons. There are english buttons bellow: "The" and "Cat".

I want the "El Gato" text hidden as well with a reveal button.


Exactly. Thank you.

[deactivated user]

    The best thing about translating by ear is that it is more "immersion". Since there aren't clues to help us when we do need to speak to someone in a foreign language in real life, it can help us force our listening skills to improve.


    I think that's a good idea to have this option at the end of each tree to see how we really are grasping the language. Maybe have 10-15 sentences that covers that whole tree branch and make each sentence worth 5-10 coins?


    Yes, it would be good for Duolingo to focus on different learning styles, and this is a simple and effective way.


    I have been closing my eyes, or looking away from the screen, while it is said aloud. I type my answer, then look at the text to check what I wrote.


    I have been doing that as well, but it definitely slows down the flow of the exercise. It would great if a button could just hide the text automatically, and I don't think it would be very difficult to implement.


    Really? I would think having to push a button would slow it down more than just looking away and back again. Maybe I am not quite understanding what you were suggesting.


    Push the button before starting the exercise and it would automatically hide all the text, with the option of revealing the text on demand.


    Okay, that's what I thought. For me it is easier and quicker to just listen without looking at the text, and I can just glance at it if I want afterwards.


    I agree with this. I read French much better than I comprehend the spoken language and would like the option of purely listening exercises.


    For example, the lesson provides me with this phrase to translate: Il lit un livre, alors que j'écris une lettre. * I want the text to be hidden and to simply have the phrase read aloud *


    So I went and created a css style that does exactly what I was wanting. It hides the text then displays it after a few seconds.

    I am releasing it to the world. It was made with the "Stylish" browser extension. If you want the same, Download the extension, then download my style:


    It also displays the hint if you mouse-over the hint. You can also set how long you want the hide-delay for.


    We had this option in stories until yesterday but now it seems to have gone. How can I get it back?


    Hi all,

    are you still searching for using of a "hide text" feature?

    Today I stumbled across this Chrome extension: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17786706

    It additionally shows a "text input field" were we would be allowed to type the text, which we heard, into.

    The "timed practice" "type what you hear" exercises drive me nuts anyways ;)


    You can use this Tampermonkey user script from Camilo which supports all what you are looking for in your dreams: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

    • picture hides
    • text hiding for forward, reverse and laddering trees
    • enable the target (TTS) audio not only for reverse reverse trees (L1 base/source), but also for forward trees (L2 target)
    • the required source audio (e.g Portuguese) for the reverse tree (Portuguese->English) is just missing on the mobile app (I encounter this problem for PT->DE)


    It works since 2017 with the new Duolingo Scala web portal and is the replacement for "Duolingo Reverse Tree Enhancer", but also works (incl. L2 target language TTS audio on multiple-choice and right hand side translations) even for forward trees.

    I run it in Firefox V52.9.0esr (32-bit) on an older PC together with the Tampermonkey addon; can't use Chrome here.
    There is a browser addon list on his github webpage.
    According to Camilo is Violentmonkey another option and should work too.

    Q: Has anyone of you requested the additional "text input field" like from the Chrome exension thread 17786706 from Camilo yet?

    Best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


    It makes me sad that this feature request is 3 years old and it isn't implemented yet. This feature would make duolingo so much more useful for me. Guess I'll just have to keep taping over the text...


    I'd love to have this option too. My French reading is much better than my French listening. Is there any way to follow the status of this feature request?


    Great that this is now possible!

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