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"Quanto costa il divertimento?"

Translation:What is the price of fun?

January 28, 2015



At least partial answer we can get from cartman: "Stan, don't you know the first law of physics? Anything that's fun costs at least $8."


There's an idiom in German, "Was kostet der Spaß?", which translates directly to "quanto costa il divertimento?". However, it is not used to ask for the price of enjoying yourself in an almost philosophical manner as seems to be the case here. It is instead used to refer to the pricing of something, be it entertaining or not, with the "fun" often being sarcasm.


Germans love sarcasm ;P


I'd more want to know how Germans define "fun". This is not a historical reference, but I do observer that brothels are legal in Germany, about the only place I have heard of where they are.


it seems like something one would say at a brothel :P


Why is "what is the cost of the entertainment?" wrong when "What is the cost of entertainment?" is suggested as correct?


Nothing, report it.


Costare means to cost. Why the reply is not: What is the cost of the entertainment? If DL makes its own interpretation, then all interpretations should be accepted.


I was marked wrong for 'what price is fun' , don't know why.


Same here. Annoying isn’t it?


This really is a most strange sentence, but there again it has been generated by a machine!


"What price glory?" or "What price the roller-coaster at the amusement park?" or both?


Why costA? ...I put costO and it was incorrect.


costA = IT costs; costO = I cost.


she does not end speaking divertimentO, as it sounds like divertimentA


'What does the entertainment cost?' seems like a reasonable question one might ask when planning a party or wedding. Would this be expressed differently in Italian then?


Also doesn't accept 'what does fun cost?' which is surely the same thing. Another example of overly rigid duolingo translation, which to me is the biggest problem with this site.


I know it is frustrating when a perfectly correct English translation is not accepted and you lose a heart, but to all those who complain about DL's rigidity I recommend trying studying Italian using Memrise, an excellent fun site but they accept only one "correct" answer. If the meaning of the Italian is ambiguous then complaints are in order but if you understand the meaning of the Italian, that's all that counts. Learn the answer DL expects and move on.


I totally agree


Why can't be "how much is..."?


"How much does the fun cost?" was accepted.


there is "IL" divertimento which translates in THE entertainment, NO? why is it wrong ????????????????????


They are being very perscriptive in the turn of phrase- 'what price fun' or 'what is the cost of fun' wrong- Can any Italian speakers provide a little context?


I would very much enjoy to see one of the DL creators to learn a new language starting from a foreign base language, not their native language... It would be so much fun to see them failing at the base language, even though they correcly understand the foreign language they currently learn. This would be priceless.


So when is Fun to be translated as il divertimento, and when as i divertimenti? Both appear in this lesson. Fun is always singular in English!


I think fun in general would be plural i devertimeni. A particular instance or item that was enjoyable might be singular il divertimento. I have no problem accepting the concept because in English "entertainment" could also be either singular or plural.


Thanks! So would "What is the price of this entertainment?" work here?


Possibly, but I didn't mean it as another translation. They aren't quite synonyms. I just meant that the restriction of "fun" to singular only does not have to limit our thinking to singular only.


I swear I heard "Quanto costa è il divertimento" (male voice)... My question is would it be wrong to have the "è"? Thank you DL and friends!


Yes that would be incorrect, I can't exactly tell you why but it sounds awful- something like 'What costs is the fun' instead of 'what is the cost of fun'. Quanto costa doesn't really translate well into English though. You could say- Quant'é il divertimento (How much is) instead :)


This is a very unlikely sentence that one will find in English...and very confusing It makes very little sense in what is being asked/said So one can say. What is the cost of sadness? ??


'What price is the fun' rejected in favour of 'what is the price of fun' for- Quanto costa il divertimento!! Apart from the sentence not making any sense in either language it sgould not reject my version imo!! 10/6/21


Quanto costa il divertimento SHOULD translate to 'how much is the entertainment' using the word 'fun' makes no sense in English unless it's a purely philosophical question? Either way my translation is as good as any (what price is the fun) and should not be rejected!

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