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  5. "You are not touching it!"

"You are not touching it!"

Translation:Du rører ikke ved den!

January 28, 2015



I don't understand what "ved" does in this sentence. Is "Du rører ikke det" the same?



["Well, it's one of those things caused by the eternal language change. Originally, røre was an intransitive verb, meaning it took only a subject and no object. Similar to how to sleep takes only a subject (you can't say I sleep you) but to punch is transitive (I punch you, subject and object). So in order to attach an object, you had to use a modifier, similar to how you can say I cause you to sleep (but not quite)."]


How would you say: Do not touch it!

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This is explained in the imperative lesson, but to change a verb into the imperative, you just take off the final "e" from the infinitive (unless it's a single syllable or stressed, or the infinitive doesn't end in e). So it would be "Rør det/den ikke" or "Rør ikke ved det/den"


Werent there sentences in a different lesson that used rører without ved?

i think it was, Rører han ikke hende? or something like that


yes, I can remember having used it in the verb session. I can't remember the exact sentence though... it was probably a cat that touched something.


how do you translate VED? I don't get it.


Ved means "know" in det ved jeg. However, it also has an alternative meaning of "by". Jeg står ved siden af butikken = I'm standing by the side of(beside) the shop. I think in the danish sense, when you say you aren't touching something, you actually say you aren't touching anywhere close/beside where you should be touching.


i guess consider rører as a intransitive verb here so we might need to add a preposition


When is "den" used vs "det"?


The answer says: 'De rører den ikke'!!!!!!!!! Where is the preposition? Can't we say 'De rører ved ikke det'?


sorry I don't understand the meaning of "ved". is it a preposition? has it anything to do with the verb "ved" ( to know)???

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