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Interesting New Immersion Bug

While practicing my English->Italian I got the notification that someone had edited an English->Spanish translation I had been working on. I clicked through to the immersion section and because I was already there did some more work on translating that article. I was a little bit puzzled to see when I returned though that I had gotten the XP in my English->Italian tree...

January 29, 2015



Hmmm... this is weird. It would make more sense (for a bug) if the XP went to your English->Italian tree. But the Italian->English tree? That's just strange.



Whoops. That would be right. :/ And props for the IT Crowd reference but alas no amount of refreshing has righted my points...


The points probably were added to the wrong language like nbsnyder guessed, though it may be difficult to find out. What you can find out positively is whether you were awarded points. The article should be under Your edits. If you open it, you should see how much XPs you earned from it. If this shows the XPs as expected, you definitely earned points, though it may not have been to the correct language's tally.

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