"She is the worst student."

Translation:Lei è la studentessa peggiore.

August 5, 2013



Why "peggior" instead of "peggiore"?

August 5, 2013


I've got the same question. When does peggioRE contract to peggioR? Many thanks.

May 12, 2015


She is the worst student -- studentessa peggiore. But how you differentiate between "she is the worst female student" from "she is the worst overall"? Surely you can use different solutions -- but within this framework?

November 8, 2014


And why not "la piu peggiore"? Isn't it possible to distinguish between "worse" and "worst"?

December 30, 2014


Because "peggiore" is the irregular comparative of "cattivo/a" - "bad". The regular comparative is "cattivo, più cattivo, il più cattivo and cattivissimo". Some adjectives have also an irregular form, like here, which is "cattivo - peggiore - pessimo" See: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grado_di_comparazione#Comparativi_e_superlativi_particolari

What I don't understand is, is it "la peggior studentessa/la studentessa peggiore" and therefore "la peggiore", a "Superlativo relativo"? Why not "pessimo"/"pessima"?

June 2, 2015


I agree, the sentence asks you which is the worst, not the worse. So why is piu peggiore wrong?

February 21, 2015


Peggiore means worse and worst, depending on how it's used in a sentence. When we use the definite article, "la studentessa peggiore", it means the worst student.

September 4, 2017


Thanks for clarifying that :)

September 4, 2017


Was wondering the same thing. Reporting....

May 4, 2015


In this case the most correct sentence is "Lei è la studente/studentessa peggiore", the duo's sentence is the worst sentence possible and in part is wrong because in italy we don't use "lo" for a female subject

December 20, 2014


lei è la peggiore studente not accepted. Reported 19 July 2017

July 20, 2017


studente is masculine, so you can't use la with it

September 4, 2017


Ah, I've undone myself once again by studying Spanish as the same time, where el/la estudiante is mf, depending on the article or adjective used.

September 4, 2017
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