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  5. "Vegetaren spiser ikke kagen."

"Vegetaren spiser ikke kagen."

Translation:The vegetarian does not eat the cake.

January 29, 2015



What's happened to the pronunciation? Now sounds like "ve eet er en" and "ik" to both myself and my Danish wife


Agreed. The "new" pronunciation of vegetarian is awful. I really had no idea what the word was until I intentionally guessed incorrectly to find out


How do you actually pronounce it? Cause i dont know the old version of it


It is amazing that DUO does not fix all the mistakes that are still around in the audio transmission!


It's not like vegetarians do not eat cake, it means that this vegetarian we are talking about is not eating that specific cake, and they might have his own reasons, maybe they're full, they don't like it, etc


"Kagen" does not sound correct in the audio. What do I do if I want to be considered for respeaking this whole course?! I could do it so much better, and I already do this sort of thing for a living.


The sound is a software not a person, that is why it's off.

Try forvo or ordnet.dk


But having a real person would be nice


Why is wrong The vegetarian don't eat the cake


Because in English you never say "he/she/it do or don't" - it's always "he/she/it does or doesn't"! That's why it cannot be "The vegetarian don't eat". It must be "The vegetarian doesn't eat".


I have finished the danish tree and going through the review exercises for the second time. Now the pronunciation of vegetaren has changed from veg ey tar un to vey ey tur ain. Has it taken them this long to discover they were wrong, or is this an error? How are we supposed to learn to speak a language if we can't trust what we're hearing?


Unfortunately the new TTS that was added in December has its own set of faulty pronunciations, this being one of them.

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