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  5. "Tá gloine uisce uaim."

" gloine uisce uaim."

Translation:I want a glass of water.

January 29, 2015



Is "Uisce" here in the Genitive case, or is "Gloine" in the Genitive case?


"Uisce" is in the genitive. The forms of the genitive singular for "uisce" and "gloine" are the same as the nominative/accusative, so you can't tell by the form, but by the context.


How would you say, "I want a water glass."


Well, unfortunately, I translated this sentence as 'I want a water glass', and the program informed me that "water glass" is "uisceghloinne". :)


Based on the tearma.ie entry, I’d say that uisceghloine is “water glass” in its “sodium silicate” meaning. Since “wine glass” is gloine fíona, I suspect that “water glass” in its “drinking vessel for water” meaning would be gloine uisce — another example of the genitive ambiguity that exists in e.g. cupán tae, which can mean either “cup of tea” or “teacup”.


I've never heard of a 'water glass' but i think 'tá gloine uaim le haghaidh uisce' means 'I want a glass for water' if that helps.


Water glass vs, say, a juice glass. I've grown up hearing this in America


In English it sounds quite rude/demanding to say 'I want a glass of water' as opposed to 'I would like a glass of water'. Is it the same in Irish?

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Even in English, it might depend on who you are implying will get it for you: "I would like a glass of water" if said to a waiter, etc. But: what if you are getting it yourself? As in, "Wait a minute, I'll be right back; I want a glass of water before we go outside"


I know we went over want a while ago so this might not be the most appropriate place for this question, but I can't find the original few sentences.

Do you say "I would like" differently than "I want" (uaim)? And if so, how do you say it?

Saying "I'd like ____ " is much more natural to me, and I seem to get these translations wrong all the time because of it. If I understood the difference, then maybe I'd have less trouble.


I have seen this in some former comments: I would like - Ba mhaith liom...


How would i say "i need a glass of water"? I always mix these two

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