"Eu vou ficar três noites."

Translation:I will stay three nights.

August 5, 2013

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Another OK answer should be "I will stay for three nights"


Noites: "Noi-chees" Vs. "Noi-ts" I found the difference in regional pronunciation interesting.


question would it be okay to say ." Eu vou ficar por tres noites" ?


Is "I am staying three nights" wrong?


I think it should be accepted also.

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    Two questions about this sentence:

    1. What are are the possible translations/appropriate contexts for the use of "ficar"?

    2. Does Portuguese have separate words for "evening' and "night" or does "noite" cover both?



    • To have a very short relationship with someone (Ela quer ficar comigo)
    • To achieve something (Eu quero ficar rica)
    • To stay at a place (Ela está em casa)
    • To keep something (Eu vou ficar com o cachorro)
    • To change mood (Ela ficou triste)

    As for your second question: Yes!

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      There was a sentence in a previous unit that said something to the effect of: "Minha casa fica entre as duas casas" which if memory serves translates as: "My is -- as in 'is located' -- between these two houses". That would seem to qualify as a sixth possible sense of the term, or am I wrong?

      I find it interesting that Portuguese has only one term that covers both "evening" and night". If memory serves, French Spanish and Italian make the lexical distinction. I'm not sure about Romanian. (Haven't gotten that far yet).


      Actually, "ficar" is very versatile, so there might be even more usages for this verb! =)

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        Nice to have such a catch-all term at our disposal. :)

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