"Maten är billigare här."

Translation:The food is cheaper here.

January 29, 2015

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"Food is cheaper here" is not accepted; I am intrigued by this, as in many languages the article is required - or usual - when no specific item is indicated. The rejection of my translation suggests that the Swedish original includes a reference back to some particular food which has been under discussion.


Im think Maten means "The Food" not just "Food"


'Food is cheaper here (in LA than New York)' and 'The food is cheaper here (than at that other bistro)' are not interchangeable in English, as seen in the eked out versions. Without the article, regions are implied.

Does Swedish make a parallel distinction?


"The food here is cheaper" did not work. Seems a bit harsh :-(

[deactivated user]

    Does 'billigare' imply poor quality, not just lower cost, as 'cheaper' does in English?


    thats what Norwegians say?

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