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  5. "Summer is short."

"Summer is short."

Translation:Sommaren är kort.

January 29, 2015



This helps answer my question about the article. Sommaren does not imply a predefined summer, but is part of a general remark about summers in general. But "Maten är billigare här" is not about food in general , but only "the food" we were talking about earlier.


You will find that Swedish and English use the articles quite differently and Swedish very often prefers a definite form. When talking about seasons for example, you almost always talk about them as the summer. As for the food, it sound very weird if you would leave out the article. Perhaps it helps to think of it as ’the food that they have here is cheaper’.


Wouldnt sommaren be "the summer"? Im confused as to why "sommar" wasnt accepted. Can anyone clarify?


Swedish will often prefer seasons of the year in the definite form, while English will often prefer the indefinite.


Sommaren är kort De mesta regnar bort Men nu är den här Så ta för dig Solen skiner i dag


de mesta regnar bort


is kort the same with en/ett words ... doednt it change?


Tomas Ledin, va?


This is a beautiful song.

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