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"Discuss sentence" on German

Does anyone else often run into difficulties opening up the "discuss sentence" popup (on computer, that is.) Lately I've run into this frequently but generally only on the German course. It seems to work just fine on the other languages I'm learning and sometimes on the German, but often, with the German course, I click on the "discuss sentence" button and nothing happens. Because it seems to happen only in the German course, I don't think it's a problem with my computer or browser.

January 29, 2015



I'm having a similar issue with the Swedish course. Hopefully they'll fix it soon!


It happens to me a lot in the last week or so. If I search for the sentence on the discussion page, and click on it, I got a page with background picture, header (menu, name, streak, lingots) and proper title (Duolingo:" german sentence here ") but no discussion. If I try to click on such a discussion at practice, after that I can't open any of the remaining sentences discussion page in that practice session, even if they exist correctly.


I'm doing German right now. It may be coincidence but it seems as if you're only allowed to check the discussion pages ONCE on the German page. I was just looking at one, moved on to the next sentence and wanted to view the discussion on that, but it didn't work. I think I've noticed that before and I'm sure that's not what really happens, but it certainly does feel that way! I feel like I'm being snubbed by the German page! ;-)


I am also having a problem with this today. It seems to have worked fine before, but the button was unresponsive today.


It does seem to be on-again/off-again. Sometimes it works for one or two things within a lesson and then suddenly doesn't work after that - as if you've had your quota for the day!

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