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Redesigned "Community" Tab

Starting today, half of you are seeing a new "Community" tab that replaces the "Questions" tab. We're testing a number of changes that we think will make Duolingo a stronger community:

  1. Discussions can now be sorted by popular, new, and top of all time.

  2. Each discussion only shows a title, allowing you to see many more discussions at once.

  3. Comments are now threaded, so you can reply directly to another comment.

If you are seeing these changes, let us know what you think!

November 21, 2012



It's better, I like it :)


It’s really sweet


Good change. The old way was confusing, because you couldn't always tell who responded to who, in which order.


Here is my one complaint with the new interface so far. I'm studying German, so when I click on the Community tab, I generally immediately select the German section and then, within that section, the "New" tab. After reading an article in the "New" tab, clicking the browser's back button brings me back to the German section, like I'd expect, but with the "Popular" tab displaying rather than the "New" tab. I would rather that the back button took me back to whatever tab I came from AND scrolled down however far I was when I left that tab. As a work-around, I currently (try to remember to) open individual posts in new browser tabs so I never lose my place in the original tab. This works fine, but I'd rather the back button just worked like you'd (I'd) expect.


Do not know how it was before to be honest, but I like how it is now!


I don't have much time on this yet, but, so far, I like it. I agree with the others. This is a real improvement.


This is a great idea!


Much better! Thanks!


Please, nicely, could we have a minute or two to edit typos?


You can always edit your posts. There is a drop-down arrow that appears on the upper right corner of the post.


Right now it appears that topics under the "New" tab sort chronologically based on the time of the original post. It would be more convenient (for me) if topics sorted chronologically based on the time of the most recent comment in a given topic thread. I am interested in seeing new input to old topics. Right now I have to go down the list, opening each topic in turn to see if anything new has appeared (which of course is too much work, and I actually don't bother). If I happen to be following a particular thread, I get an e-mail notification, which is better than a kick in the teeth, sure, but it would be nicer if the New tab just bumped a topic back to the top any time a new comment was added to that topic.

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