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  5. "Tá roinnt acu agam."

" roinnt acu agam."

Translation:I have some of them.

January 29, 2015



So I see this as: "they have some have I". Can someone help me out with why this is "I have some of them?"


The literal English translation of the Irish sentence is “Is some at-them at-me”. Since Tá X agam is the Irish idiom for “I have X”, a less literal translation would be “Have some at-them I”. Since ag has partitive use as well as being analogous to “at”, and acu is being used partitively here, that less literal translation is really “Have some of-them I”. When reärranged into colloquial English, “I have some of them” is the result.


Deas an míniú é sin, a Scilling!


Would "Tá roinnt agam acu" be "They have some of me"?


No, unless there is more than one of you, and they have some of the "you"s.


But what if a ghost is speaking from beyond the grave and is trying to tell somebody who has his body parts?


You mean the ghost of the woman in the refrigerator?


I had: "I have several of them" and it was wrong.

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