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Swedish "Tips and Notes" Section

I really appreciate that the Swedish team had enough time to put this in - at least for the first few lessons! Can any more experienced learners tell me if they continue to do this in later lessons?

Thanks, Swedish team!

January 29, 2015



I'm about halfway through the Swedish tree and it looks like when they introduce a new concept they put in tips and notes, but if the new set of words are covered (ie a new set of nouns) then they do not. They are less frequent as you progress. I have a word document that I have copied and pasted all of the Tips and Notes sections to so far (that I should probably review a lot more frequently).

Colors are adjectives so if you review the adjectives tips and notes that should just about cover them.


Odd! I'm unfortunately 4 and a half lessons out from Adjectives 1; I could probably try to make a list myself but I don't want to "learn" anything, have it set in my head, and then realize I was wrong.


I guess being at or past adjectives would help. The possessives section is a bit of a precursor to adjectives (in terms of introducing agreement)


I'd love to see one on colors, myself, though I realize that not everything can happen in a day!


It's in the works :)

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