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Sudden drastic skill decay

All my trees, which two hours ago were entirely gold up to the current study level, have just decayed drastically

  • 39 skills decayed in French
  • 24 skills decayed in German
  • 20 skills decayed in Italian

I have been practising all of them every day for over a month to keep the trees gold and have never seen anything like this. Duolingo, please tell me what is going on: have your practice algorithms been changed? Could there be a glitch in my account? Please let this be a bad dream that is gone when I wake up tomorrow . . .

** update 10 mins later - 2 more German skills gone. And some of the German skills are definitely skills that I refreshed with complete untimed practice lessons earlier today.

** next morning 40 French, 28 German, 22 Italian: 90 skills!

August 5, 2013



Me too. I had one decay and one lesson left in my entire tree as of this morning--I was going to knock those out tonight and celebrate. But now I have 18 new decayed skills to fix first!


I also suspect a deeper problem as I looked for the first time at my French vocabulary list sorted by strength. I immediately noticed that some words ('journée', 'octobre' and others also) show as 1 bar when I am absolutely certain that I had those words and got the sentences right in practice exercises yesterday or at most the day before.


After doing several of my decayed skills, it appears that the decays were addressing an actual problem. I've been seeing some words that I haven't seen since at all since they were introduced, and finding the practice sessions to be worthwhile. I'm guessing that the recently practiced words you're seeing are probably just a one-time byproduct of the update, where it seems that decays tend to be applied at a pretty coarse level.

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