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Infinitives help!

So, I've seen in a bunch of posts that Swedish infinitives are really giving people trouble.

My problem, which I imagine is everyone else's, is when to use "att" with specific verbs.

My question is - is the "att" connected with the first verb or the infinitive verb?

For example, in the sentence "Jag tycker om att simma." Is "att" always used with "simma," or is it always used with "tycker om" (when there is an infinitive after it)?

Hopefully that makes sense. The notes on that lesson don't seem totally clear on it.


January 29, 2015



It depends on the first verb. With tycker om, we need the infinite marker att before the other verb. For modal verbs like måste 'must', kan, 'can', vill 'want' and some others, att is never used. For other verbs, it varies: some verbs always have att between them and a following infinitive, some never, and in some cases both are OK. We are hoping to be able to give you some kind of list of how it works with the most frequent verbs.


Thank you, this is extremely helpful. Even just knowing that tycker om always uses att and vill/kan/maste never do... those are the most common in the exercises.


Here "att" is the particle "to" in Swedish. I have seen it used with other verbs before an infinitive, so it is not just with "tycker om". I am not sure about always. I am hoping a native answers your question so I can find out as well.



http://spraakbanken.gu.se/korp/ (type in att and press Sök for search for a huge list of sentences using this word)

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