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I completed lesson one but I can't move to lesson two.

January 29, 2015



OK. Does it actually say 'lesson 1' and 'lesson 2' or are you trying to move from Basics 1 to Basics 2? Because there's more than one lesson in Basics 1.


Your total XP is showing as 0. Are you sure you finished it successfully?


It is not actually by system, it is for a co-worker


You could try also to contact the support tab to your left as I have heard of this problem before. Let them know which user name that they should be checking and which format he is using (iphone, android, windows phone, tablet and which or computer and which, which operating system, which language and did he earn any xp? Did he try redoing lesson 1? Was he on the phone and is now on the computer? Include anything about how it happened. Did he try refreshing his screen? Did any error messages appear? Did he press continue every time he was supposed to or just log off the computer before continuing to the end?

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