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"The girl is being heard by the entire population."

Translation:Pigen bliver hørt af hele befolkningen.

January 29, 2015



Greta Thunberg?


Why is "Pigen bliver hørt af den hele befolkning" not correct?


I would say it's because: "hele befolkningen" translates as "the entire population", therefore "den" is already accounted for by the "en" at the end of "befolkningen".


Sure, but one might as well leave the -en of befolkning and use den as the definite article instead.


I can't say whether, "....den hele befolkning" is correct or not, but to me it sounds unnatural in this particular sentence. I can not recall having heard similar sentences spoken in the word order that you propose. One example which I have heard in the street is, ("Two grilled hotdogs with all the trimmings, please".) "To ristede med hele svineriet, tak", and never "To ristede med det hele svineri, tak." It would be interesting to have a Dane comment on this.


What is it that is special about the adjective "hele" that allows you to use it before the definite form of a noun? For example, one would also say "hele bogen" or "hele dagen". But other adjectives would require splitting the article, as in "den dejlige bog", "den store dag", etc. Is "hele" alone in this category?


well if any of you see this, "den hele befolkning would be translateable to "that entire population" , because we mostly use "den" while pointing, for example "hunden er sød" would be the dog is cute, while "den hund er sød" would be that dog is cute.


I have the same question: den hele befolkning? Is there a native speaker who can comment on this?

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