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  5. "I will get a girlfriend."

"I will get a girlfriend."

Translation:Jeg skal nok få en kæreste.

January 29, 2015



What is the purpose of 'nok' here?


I think the closest literal translation in English would be: "I will surely get a girl friend"; and in Irish English: "I will get a girl friend, to be sure". The Danish "nok" here is an emphasis meaning "for sure", making Duo's "I will get a girl friend" rather timid.


If so, then why is it not indicated in the English sentence? Are we to assume that nok must always be used?


Of that I am not sure, but when I read up on Danish grammar, and also ask around my Danish friends, "Jeg skal nok få en kæreste" translates to English as, "I will probably get a girlfriend", and not merely "I will get a girlfriend.

A few other variations are:

"Jeg skal få en kæreste" = "I need to/must get a girlfriend".

"Jeg vil få en kæreste" = "I want to get a girlfriend".

"Jeg ville få en kæreste" = "I would get a girlfriend".

All the above sentences are without "nok".

The following link mentions "nok", and a few other Danish small words which on first sight do not seem to make sense. http://www.speakdanish.dk/en/grammar/small-words.php


I understand "nok" to add the meaning "probably" or "most likely". I omitted it ans Duolingo accepted it.


Why is it not accepted to write Jeg vil nok få en kæreste?


While (only) vil is suggested when hoovering, not skal!


Can't one say "veninde"? In English, a girlfriend is not necessarily a sweetheart.


Veninde is more a female friend rather than your girlfriend. You usually use the word kæreste if you are talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be both.


Thanks Marinia. A very big difference. Just imagine the dirty look one would get, if they presented their "kæreste" as their "veninde", eller "ven".


Is nok like doch in German. It has not real translation. It just adds emphasis. As such, why is it considered a wrong answer if the word is not included?


Yes, it adds emphasis. But if you omit "nok", it becomes: "Jeg skal få en kæreste" = "I need to/must get a girlfriend". Please see my earlier comment.


Can't that be 'Jeg får en kæreste'? Or 'Jeg vil få en kæreste'?

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