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  5. "I do not eat the butterfly."

"I do not eat the butterfly."

Translation:Non mangio la farfalla.

August 5, 2013



Too bad. It's delicious.


Well, more for me!


i do not understand the difference between no and non ... when do i have to use each one


"no" is used as a response, as in "NO, I don't eat meat;" while "non" is used to make a verb negative, an in "I do NOT eat meat." an example of an Italian sentence with both would be "no, non mangio carne." where "no" is my response to the implied question, "mangi carne?" basically no=no and non=not.


Why can't I say "Io non mangio la farfalla," instead of "Non mangio la farfalla." I know it sounds learned, but is it wrong?


No it isn't. i'm pretty sure they used the more casual form . It's like "I don't do that" and " I do not do that", They both have the same meaning and they both are correct


i like more this type of questions. with three offered answers

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