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Strengthening skills - troubles

Two things:

When I strengthen a skill, at times it works, but most of the time it doesn't, as if I hadn't done anything - I just get the "lesson complete!" message. It's very annoying!

There should be a way to make strengthening skills adjustable, because I can never get around to learning new ones, I am just stuck with strengthening the old ones continuously.

January 29, 2015



Strengthening skills will be complete with very few done, but I recommend redoing the lesson when this is happening as the skill will last longer before fading. Sometimes a skill set includes many lessons and you have quite a lot to go over to strengthen the skill, so it will require multiple times to go over all the lessons that have faded. Also you don't have to strengthen every skill that fades before starting a new lesson. Some people have recommended starting with the latest lessons and work your way backward, because some later lessons will strengthen earlier lessons at the same time. Try reviewing three of the later lessons, learn something new and if you have time strengthen others. Some people don't use the timed version of the strengthen skills, to be sure to strengthen more of that skill set.


You're talking about the general "Strenthen Skills" button on the right side?

It's not true that it does nothing, but I can understand your feeling letdown when using it. When you do a general "Strengthen Skills" lesson, it chooses a selection of your weakest words from amongst all the skills you've learned. So when you finish the lesson, it may be that no single skill was strengthened enough to turn gold, but that does not mean that nothing happened. Rather, several skills have been partially strengthened, so that you are closer to turning them gold, and your gold skills are farther away from decaying.

I was recently in a situation where I had something like ten decayed skills, and two or three more were decaying every day. Just keeping up was like a game of whack-a-mole and it was kind of depressing. Then I sat down and just did the general "Strengthen Skills" over and over. The first eight times no decayed skill was golded. Then after the next practive, five skills turned gold all at once. So I kept at it, and eventually everything was gold. What's more, the tree has stayed gold for over a week. All of those "Strengthen Skills" lessons that seemed like they were doing nothing were actually making the other skills stronger.

Now the whole tree is gold, I do a couple strengthen skills lessons a day to try to keep it that way, and I guess we'll see how long before it isn't worth it anymore.


Thanks for the replies peeps

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