"A trip through the Nordic countries"

Translation:En resa genom Norden

January 29, 2015

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Why not "En resa genom nordena länder"?


Norden as a name means ’the Nordic Countries’.


Right after I asked this I realised it's just "the North", so I assume it's some kind of metaphor. Would it sound strange to say "En resa genom nordens länder"?


A bit, because Norden means exactly that. It would be like saying ’Scandinavia’s countries’ when you can just say ’Scandinavia’. What is there to Scandinavia if not countries? It’s a bit of a tautology.

Norden doesn’t mean ’the North’ as in an undefined place in the north. It means ”Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland”.

Skandinavien on the other hand is just Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.


Got it. But norden can also be simply the North can't it? Norden på Sverige, or maybe not... What is the difference between The North of Sweden, Northern Sweden (these are possibly the same thing) and North of Sweden, in Swedish? Are the first two norra Sverige? What about the last?


No, then you’d rather say Norra Sverige (Northern Sweden) or i norr (in the north). The first two are the same as you say, the last one would be norr om Sverige.

Norden på Sverige does not make sense in Swedish.


Just to be sure. Isn't Finland also one of Scandinavian countries?


No, but it’s part of the Nordic countries. Scandinavia is Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

  • Skandinavien = Sverige, Norge, Danmark
  • Norden = Sverige, Norge Danmark, Island, Grönland, Färöarna

A small minority don’t consider Denmark to be part of Scandinavia either, since the Scandinavian mountains are located between Sweden and Norway and Denmark isn’t located on the Scandinavian peninsula, but Denmark has culturally and linguistically always considered to be part of Scandinavia anyway.


CGP Grey made a video about Scandinavia explaining this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsXMe8H6iyc


Why is 'igenom' not themain answer for this question


Can you say en tur instead of en resa?

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