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Sudden and widespread deterioration in word strength (again)

It's happened before, [http://www.duolingo.com/comment/483673], did it happen again? Or is it just me?

August 6, 2013



We made some minor tweaks yesterday to fix more word-strength bugs in practice: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/663240

Before rolling it out, I ran some tests to make sure the effects wouldn't be as "widespread" as last time... only 7% of words and 2% of skills were affected (for most users). So I wasn't sure it needed a general announcement. Apparently some of you were more affected than others... sorry about that! :(

The good news is that the word strength should be even more accurate now! :)


I will console myself with the prospect of improved accuracy as I tackle the 95 newly-decayed skills across my trees. However can you please look at the point I made earlier in relation to this change on another thread, which makes me concerned that there are still unresolved problems:

"I also suspect a deeper problem as I looked for the first time at my French vocabulary list sorted by strength. I immediately noticed that some words ('journée', 'octobre' and others also) show as 1 bar when I am absolutely certain that I had those words and got the sentences right in practice exercises yesterday or at most the day before."

Also could you consider adding some direct English to target language vocabulary practice, not entrenched in full sentences? This would be a much quicker and more efficient form of practice than the standard lesson sentences. And the prospect of some 2000 sentences, many of which will be further practice of skills that are already fully mastered, just to deal with this vocabulary problem, is quite daunting.


Because of how the system works, it is possible that some words aren't updated from challenges where you enter a foreign language translation. So "journée" and "octobre" might have been words that you typed, but the system wasn't explicitly trying to get you to practice those words, and they didn't get updated (nevermind the gory details as to why). Improving this is a big priority, but it's a relatively rare occurrence and it isn't a quick fix. We're working on it, though.

We've certainly considered more direct "flashcard" word practice, and it's in the works.


Thank you - helpful


Yip, I'm another user who noticed a plummet in word strength.

I guess the real question is ... how many times does Duolingo tweak things and we don't notice?


Yep. It was tweaked to fix some bugs.




Whoops, I started a thread on this too. Well, this further confirms my thoughts over there!


So did I - http://www.duolingo.com/comment/486819

Duolingo, last time you did this a lot of the feedback was to the effect that people would have been happier if you had announced it before implementing it - please can you let us know what is going on here? Thanks!

(Maybe you should have a section of the site for notifications of changes to Duolingo?)

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