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New exercises type

I couldn't decide if this is really a nice idea, because the exercise system is pretty good, but maybe we could have the hearing exercise apart, because this is the greatest exercise for training the fluency and the capacity of understanding. Also, I thought that it could work like this: it would be able only after something (reaching a level or reaching some part of the skills tree) and when you reaches it, you can just pick up this option and train only hearing exercises, but it should be harder, like a small text of 3 or 4 sentences. The rewards could be better also.

August 6, 2013



Completing: these sentences that I mentioned, it should have a logical sequence, like a real text. This would work like a preparation for translating real texts from internet.


Traditionally, dictation exercises are a major component in the classroom instruction of French. I haven't encountered them much in the teaching of other languages; perhaps, because the phonetic and orthographic difficulties of French are essentially a unique feature.

Anyway, the traditional format is for the students to listen to the teacher reading a passage a few times with extended pauses (or a recording made for the purpose) and write what they hear. Their papers are then graded for accuracy.

Since there is already audio recorded for all the target sentences, It shouldn't be too involved of a process to create dictation exercises from the material already available. I would probably be interested in doing exercises of that type as part of my maintenance practice, but I wouldn't want them to be part of the skill tree because I use this site with the sound turned off. Also, people who are concentrating only on learning text translation skills would probably find it unnecessarily frustrating for such exercises to be a mandatory part of the skill tree.


I also think that these exercises shouldn't be part of skills tree. I was thinking about the access to these exercises only be given after some part of the tree, but it shoudn't and wouldn't be mandatory.

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