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translation direction change

Hello, I'd like to know why the function to change between the two directions in the immersion section has been removed. I was translating in both directions in several languages and some months ago it has been changed so that now you can only translate into the language you are learning, which appears to be senseless since you're supposed to know the language you use to learn a new language better than the one you are newly acquiring. You can be able to understand the target language and express its meaning in your native language - at least more easily than the other way round. However, this is impossible to do since the switch button has gone. And to the duolingo direction: I bet you lose plenty of users willing to translate into their native language instead of struggling with forming sentences in the target language, being (more or less) unfamiliar with the language's syntactical structure and lacking the vocabulary necessary to distinguish between little subtle differences, what of course is the key to good translations. Supposing you turned this site into a cash cow by letting the users translate stuff for free and then selling the translations to companies, and money might be the only reason you will eventually deal with this issue!!

In the forum I have been told that you can switch the direction by changing the setting language used for your whole duolingo profile, but I don't feel like changing that language all the time, especially because I used to translate some sentences here and then some sentences there without solely focusing on one single language. (I would even say that frequent switching between several languages helps me to consolidate different new grammatical structures by contrasting one with another. And no, English is not my mother tongue in case you were wondering.) Apart from that, that's way too many clicks to do and when you change your profile language you don't see your other languages anymore! So if anyone could tell me the motivation behind the removal of this function I would be very happy - I already sent two requests to the support team but nobody * cares, I never got an answer. Thanks for reading.

January 30, 2015



Actually you only translate from your target language? My entire immersion tab is German>English documents. I don't understand what your question is.


No, when I go to the immersion tab all I see are articles being translated into the target language, regardless of which language I choose. E.g. I choose Portuguese and then I can only translate English texts into Portuguese. When I switch to French, I can only translate from English to French and so on, for every language it's English -> X. My question is why they removed the switch button and if they'll ever bring it back..?

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