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  5. "He has twenty minutes."

"He has twenty minutes."

Translation:Han har tjugo minuter på sig.

January 30, 2015



why is "pa sig" needed here?


The expression "ha [time] på sig" means to be limited to that given amount of time in doing something. This expression above might then, for example, be used when waiting for a friend about to board the same train as you: "He has twenty minutes [to get here]".


So without på sig, would it mean that he has twenty minutes to do whatever he likes, for example read the paper? We would say having twenty minute to yourself.


"Jag har tio minuter på mig" "Du har fem minuter på dig" --- Are these sentences correct?


I put only Han har tjugo minuter and it was accepted. I feel like I am missing a lot of info and not learning anything

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