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Effect of Lesson Practice?

I am sure this has been asked before, but does doing Lesson Practice have any effect on bringing decayed sections back to gold?

August 6, 2013



yes i think so but Im not to sure i have been doing practise levels and I regain the bars again. i've got to ask a question how do you know if there is a decayed section.


Well you click on the skill and you see the lesson notebooks, and it shows the bars of each lesson. Then you can click on the lesson and redo it. Or another way is click on the vocabulary tab on the black strip and it shows all the words you learned and their rate.

Hope this helps! -Cordelia


I also want to know this! You should definetely make a site that explains why my tree decays and what I can do against it. Otherwise it's like playing a game without knowing the rules!

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