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"As bolsas têm duração de um ano."

Translation:The scholarships last for one year.

August 6, 2013

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Have not been taught that 'bolsas' is another meaning for scholarship. I only knew it as 'bags'. Hmmmm.


I thought the same and I got it wrong


Same thing happen to me, and I don't want to hover a word when I'm doing strengthen practice because I don't want to "cheat", so I went with bags... Oh Duolingo, you just cost me a hear :(


bolsa = scholarship? thanks for letting us know!


and a very important word in Portuguese since many college students has a kind of scholarship provided by the government!


I wonder if it is "a very important word in Portuguese" as it wasn't formally introduced as an alternate meaning of the word 'bolsa'.


I heard that people who go a public school get offered special places in universities, is that true? If that is true, would bolsas be the right way to talk about what they receive or is that not considered a type of scholarship?


Is there any reason why "bags" is not accepted? For all we know, it could be that the material is made to last for a year, or that the contents will expire after that period.


I'm with everyone else. How are we supposed to figure out the use of "bolsas" here without additional contextual use? This is really annoying.


I have no idea how we were supposed to answer this correctly. Duolingo missed on that one.


Mine the bags have a year duration

correct The scholarships last for one year.

Whaaaat??????? please someone explain.


it's strange to say "bags" last one year. Rather, another meaning for bolsa is when someone enter at a school/college/university and get some discount. We say "bolsa", that can be of some percentage (10%, 20%) to a completly free course!


The complete name is "bolsa de estudos"


What's the singular and what's the plural? DL gave bolsas de estudo for scholarship and the dictionary gives bolsa de estudos.


Bolsa de estudo is the singilar form. Bolsas de estudo is the plural form. "De estudo" shows its purpose, so no plural is used.


Well, in fact, using "de estudo" or "de estudos" makes no difference.

But as you said, what make it "one" or more ist "bolsa/bolsas".


It would be far better to teach the alternate meaning when the word is being introduced in order not to confuse learners.

For example, when the word 'estação' is introduced, we learn that it means both "station" and "season". With this in mind, if one translation does not seem "proper" in a given context, we simply move on to the alternate translation.

I hope that as a language moderator, you will make it a high priority to immediately include introductory lessons for this meaning of bolsa.

Thank you


I see... thank you!!!!


Hee hee - Think of it as a 'bag o' money'! (Although if you buy a cheap Louis Vuitton bag it might only last a year!


I wrote: The scholarships have a duration of one year. It was marked incorrect. Why?


Apparently, "a year" is also incorrect.


It accepts "a year" but incorrectly says this is a typo and should be "an year".


Is there any reason why "bags" is not accepted? For all we know, it could be that the material is made to last for a year, or that the contents will expire after that period.


haha, any idea how one should know that translations of bolsa? :D


I have the same question as josue.d.re... exactly how do you go from bolsas being handbags to bolsas being scholarships??????


This is related to the history of the word. "Bolsa" or purse is the place where you carry money. By extension, it becomes the money itself. In schools, we refer to the person who receives the money as the bursar, literally "the one who holds the purse." To disburse is to distribute money. They all have the same root.


Whoa! how am I suppose to know which word to use bag oR grant?!


You are right! How are we supposed to know that "bolsas" are grants/scholarships if the word had not been taught before? This wasn't a good sentence to translate.


Perhaps "purses" can be interpreted as "monies"? and that is why bolsas is scholarships???


some words have no sense, they can mean many meanings =S the same as in English.


The scholarships have duration for one year? If I said as bolsas duram/durar de um ano, would that make any sense?


You can say "as bolsas duram um ano". Ok... it less common, but not wrong.


As a french I don't even know what is a "Grant"


it is the same as "scolarship". when you give something, a donation, concesion, subvention, bourse, etc.

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